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Vapid Lacquer - Sea Glass

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Hi guys!  I received a new-to-me indie polish today.  I ordered this polish based on swatches, it was not given to me but purchased by me.
I have seen a couple of these polishes pop up lately.  I call them flakie crelly's.  They contain color shifting flakies much like have been seen in the ILNP line but instead of a clear base these are in a cruelly base.  I don't remember the first flakie crelly I saw but it was sold out so I went on the search for more.  I was informed in a group that Vapid Lacquer would be coming out with one soon so I joined her fan group in order to keep up to date.  

I saw the swatches for Sea Glass on Vapid Lacquer's Website and couldn't wait for it to come out.  Once it was released, I ordered quickly.  I took a normal amount of time to receive and when it came in the mail today I was so excited.  I had already prepped my nails and painted them today as soon and I unwrapped it.


The polish applied very nicely, smooth and even and only took two coats.  I did feel like the swatches showed way more flakies in it than my polish actually had.  I also feel like my polish is a little pinker than the swatches located on Vapid Lacquer's website.  I purchased thinking it was more of a peachy nude and what I received is more of a peachy pink.  I do like the polish and it complements my skin-tone well, it just wasn't as I expected.  

I'm pleased with the polish overall and will be keeping it (I actually did a full mani with it after swatching).  I'm also on the lookout for more flakie crelly's so feel free to point me in a good direction if you come across any!
What do you think of flakie crelly's?  What are you looking for next in the indie world?


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